For students who are taking up economics for their graduation or postgraduate degree, intellectual challenges are something they love tackling. They tend to appreciate the beauty of mathematical symmetry and also have an affinity for assessing and compiling statistical data.

Students doing a major in economics have an eye for the social norms and policy that dictates how resources are distributed among the general masses. The pattern of allocation of resources, mainly scarce resources such as wealth, power, income and prestige, is also taken into consideration. These resources are known as scarce desirables.

For an individual who has sharp thinking skills and a considerable amount of experience regarding global affairs, these things are enough to boggle their minds.

Therefore, for young people who are college goers, having only a little knowledge about life will need extra help when it comes to comprehending how society works.

Fortunately, Kolkata, the city of joy, has several colleges and universities that have outstanding and unique economic programs.

For students who are studying in order to be a teacher, they should be side by side preparing for teaching jobs as well. Teaching job vacancies makes this field a very lucrative field for aspiring teachers. Be it, school teachers, or college professors, economics teachers are highly respected. Some teachers even get the opportunity to teach in an International school based across all India.

If you are studying economics in these colleges, you might need some extra help in order to help you with your graduation or post-graduation degrees. Clarification of some of the most complicated concepts of economics becomes extremely important.


Finding out exactly what you need

Economics is a subject that incorporates a lot of other subjects as well. Calculus-level mathematics, concepts regarding the subject of sociology like entitlement, privilege, position, and how resources are distributed and how they are used in a functioning society.

Outdoor Economic Class
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However, economics is a wide subject that also takes into account the various aspects of human life.

  • Macroeconomics and microeconomics
  • Microeconomics is the study of a single individual business entity while macroeconomics is the study of economics on a much broader prospect.
  • Environmental economics - it deals with local resources and how they are distributed.
  • Developmental economics - it deals with how economies develop in countries that are emerging, for example, India.
  • Business economics - it deals with profit maximization.
  • International economics - it deals with the relation between different countries and globalization
  • Labour economics - it deals with the relationship between employees and employers.

Having an understanding of there concepts of economics is exactly what is needed right now.

Before developing the ability to understand how economics affects every individual on each and every level of society requires someone who has a fundamental understanding of social science and is ready to explain these to you.

Even though to do good in your exam it is only required of you to have some academic knowledge, but by deeply understanding the fundamentals of this subject, you will be able to get a better grade. Learn economics faster, here at Superprof.


Finding out which degree you want to pursue

A student after class XII can pursue a BA in Economics or a BSc in Economics. However, the difference between the degrees of both of them is still unknown.

However, BA focuses more on application and theory and the economic conditions that dictate policymaking.

On the other hand, BSc is more technical. It focuses mainly only mathematics and statistics.

In Kolkata, a lot of colleges and universities offer both these courses. As a student, you might be confused about which one is the right course for you.

Are you good at maths, statistics, and determining patterns?

Or will you be more satisfied by getting a degree in applied economics and being able to deal with problems our society faces these days?

Your passion and the path you take will decide the type of tutoring you need to achieve your goals.

For example, you will not require tuition classes from an economics teacher who charges a lot more than a maths teacher if you are facing problems in the mathematical section.

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Finding out the teacher who is the most qualified

Unlike maths and English tuition teachers, good economics teachers are really hard to find.

This means that the available teachers are costlier.

Depending on your syllabus, and taking into account the cost of hiring a teacher, hiring a home tutor will depend on the subjects you require help with. It can be theory, mathematical, statistical or application.

The next question that arises is whether you want private tuition, or you are comfortable studying in groups.

What would you prefer - one on one teaching sessions? Or tutoring services from an agency when the teacher’s credentials are already verified.

Are you interested to learn from online tutors?

There are a lot of ways by which you can find an economics tutor.


Finding a teacher through your department.

If you are part of some college, university, or even schools and you are studying for your CBSE, ICSE, or Calcutta University, finding a teacher becomes easy by talking to your friends, other students, or even the faculty.

The huge availability of education jobs is a striking feature of Kolkata.

As the basic rule of thumb when finding the right tuition, the teacher should be at least one or more years more advanced than his student.

Depending on your branch of economics, you can choose your teacher. For example, if your math is weak, opting for a maths teacher will make it better. If you are a teacher looking for economics teacher jobs in Kolkata, then super prof is the place for you.

Searching for tutor
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Researching about online tuitions

Even though you can get to know about a lot of different tuition teachers for economics, maths or any subjects from posters stuck on the streets of Kolkata, you can also get to know about them online. From Bhawanipur to Shyambazar, economics teachers in Kolkata can be found all over West Bengal. Especially, Bengali students find if much easier to find teachers who teach these subjects in their own colloquial language.

Not only Bengal, but places like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Hyderabad also have a lot of different opportunities.

A lot of open courses are also available for those willing to learn from these agencies.

Even though you might feel that the pressure on you will increase a lot, it has a lot of advantages.

  • Your outlook might change on concepts you were finding tough to understand because of a different perspective.
  • Working with students from the same course as yours or different courses will broaden your perspective.
  • Many such institutions are free of cost.

On the other hand, you can hire a teacher from Superprof itself.

With the huge availability of teachers, Superprof can come to your rescue when it comes to finding teachers online. All of them offer an hour of free tuition. They charge a lot as well. On top of that, you can study from highly qualified teachers right from the comfort of your home.

Searching the city
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You can also apply as a tutor. Not only for economics but any other subject you might be comfortable with, such as English. We are recruiting teachers qualified to assist students with their studies.

Getting in touch with an agency which deals with Tuitions

If you are unable to find a tuition teacher, you can take the help of a lot of different tuition agencies available across Calcutta. Agencies like Shikhoni help the teachers and students find each other charging a very nominal charge.

Out of the teachers listed on their rooster, look up their qualifications and get to know the teachers who are qualified for teaching you the concepts you are weak in. Some of the teachers may be strong in maths, while others in statistics. Select your teacher, depending on your needs.

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