Since according to a study by PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) for OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) the UK is lagging behind other similar countries when it comes to education, it's no surprise that home tutoring has never been more relevant.

When you consider getting a one on one tutor, you’ll ask yourself a few questions about:

  • how you’ll benefit from being tutored
  • the type of tutor they’ll be
  • how much time you’ll need

However, the price will be one of your biggest concerns.

For example, do you know how much maths, geometry, or calculus tutorials cost? Is it better to get online tutoring or not?

Given the way the economy currently is, it’s normal to hesitate when you consider private tutoring services.

However, with a bit of research, you'll come across a lot of competitively-priced academic tutoring and thus be able to find the best personal tutors per pound.

How much is a private tutor?
With so many bills to pay, can you afford private tutorials? (Source: MS Law Associates)

Since Superprof wants everyone to succeed, we’ve decided to help you find the best prices for both in-home private tutorials and online tutorials.

By the end of this article, you’ll know everything you need to know about the price of one on one tutoring!

The Varying Price of private tutorials?

On Superprof, like on other tutoring companies' websites, the price of private tutorials at home can change depending on a number of different factors.

When you look for a private tutor, you’ll need to take into account the reasons why prices vary in order to find the best price.

There are plenty of factors that can change the price of academic support and private tutorials.


Where you live can greatly change how much your tutor charges. Different towns and cities have different average rates. For example, the average maths tutor in Newcastle costs £15 per hour. However, the average price is £21 per hour in London and Bristol tutors charge £18.

It’s hardly surprising that the rates for private tutorials are higher in the capital since the cost of living is, too.


Superprof, like other tutoring companies, has a large variety of different tutors offering private tutorials.

This means that personal tutors vary from self-taught experts to professionally-trained teachers with a lifetime of experience.

Their qualifications and experience will affect the price of the tutorials, of course. It’s unlikely that a tutor just starting out will charge the same rates as a home tutor with 15 years of experience.

The Subject

Depending on the subject or the specialisation, supply and demand can have a huge bearing on the price.

An average rate for physics tutorials in London is around £22 per hour. However, guitar lessons average £27 per hour and piano lessons average £30 per hour.

The Student’s Level

Whether at primary school, secondary school, looking for A level tutors, university, or adult tutors, you can get a help at any stage of your life. Again, this can affect the rates for private tutorials. In fact, if you have a degree and a master’s in a given subject, your lessons will be at a higher level and the rates you pay will be too!

Tutoring jobs are usually paid more highly if they require more work. For example, you'll pay less if you find a one to one tutor to help you with your homework or assignment in comparison to doing preparation for your exams.

How old do you need to be for private tuition?
Private tutors can have a positive effect on students as young as those in primary school. (Source: pxhere)

Don’t forget that some of Superprof’s tutors offer rates for block booking which can benefit from a discount of up to 15%. And around 90% of tutors on Superprof offer their first class for free.

What’s a Fair Price for Private Tuition?

To get the best out of your tutorials, the tutor has to feel like they’re being fairly paid.

So you want to have private tutorials but you don’t want your tutor’s approach to be limited by the fact that they’re not being paid fairly.

There are several things you should take into consideration when examining the costs of tutorials:

  • that the price will be higher if you want intensive test prep from a certified teacher
  • what you want to learn and the tutor you choose from the thousands on Superprof,
  • the characteristics of the tutor on Superprof in order to better understand their skills and, above all, their rates.
What qualifications does a private tutor need?
The qualifications of the private tutor can influence the cost of the tutorials.(Source: Hard Like Algebra)

Tutors on Superprof can provide a highly-detailed profile displaying all their studies and experience.

Is there a tick on the private tutor’s profile?

This means that their profile has been validated by the Superprof team!

Here’s a quick overlook of the average prices per hour by subject:

  • Maths: £21
  • Biology: £18
  • Design: £28
  • English: £22
  • Russian: £28
  • Fitness: £23
  • Knitting: £48
  • Singing: £29
  • Piano: £30

Private tutorials aren’t just academic coaching. Leisure activities are also offered to those who want to learn new skills.

How Can You Keep Prices Down as a Student?

Private tutorials can quickly become expensive.

Nevertheless, there are a few ways to keep tutor prices down:

  • have group lessons in order to divide the cost of the tutorials, this way a number of you can benefit from a better price
  • reduce the tutorials by choosing to spread them out over a longer period of time rather than following an intensive schedule
  • study more between the tutorials in order to maximise the efficacy of your in-home tutor’s teaching
  • choose a tutor with fewer qualifications, this doesn’t mean they’re any less capable
Are group private tutorials cheaper?
Having private tutorials as a group can be cheaper. (Source: Study Foreign)

How can you reduce the number of hours private tutorials needed?

It’s normal to ask yourself about the risks of having cheaper tutorials.

Will they be of a lower quality?

In fact, even when spending a lot of money, you can never be 100% sure that you and your tutor’s personalities will click and that your tutorials will be completely effective.

Some home tutoring on Superprof may be free for the first hour.

This means that you can see if you like their style and approach without taking any financial risks.

Private tutorials with Superprof are no-obligation, giving you the freedom to learn!

Private Tutoring: An Investment for the Future?

In-home private tutorials are sort of an investment and it’s normal to question the value of this investment before you dive straight in to your academic support adventure.

Nevertheless, it’s a useful investment.

There are plenty of benefits to private tutorials, especially when it comes to your academic future:

  • avoid failing in school and leave with GCSEs or A Levels thanks to personalised teaching from a professional educator
  • benefit from a different style of teaching which can be original and fun, with interactive exercises, either over webcam or via the use of apps
  • choose a better way to learn with a tutor who also acts as your academic advisor and gives you the study skills you need to become a successful learner
  • increase your average grades in the long-term

The latter is one of the most important points.

In the UK, your grades are everything. They determine which class you’ll be in and can decide which university you go to.

Why get in touch with an online tutor or a private tutor?
To improve your average grades, consider having academic support with a private tutor. (Source: Acacia)

Both parents and students looking at the postings on Superprof are often doing so for one main reason: to improve the grades on a student’s report.

When it comes to the best universities, a student’s exam results are carefully considered. Their exam results are therefore highly significant.

Increasing their results with a private tutor could be decisive when it comes to a student’s future.

How Much are Private Tutors?

The private tutorials market is constantly growing and Superprof has been looking at some of the figures surrounding this growth.

Here are some of the interesting information that came to life:

  • The average price of an hourly tutorial is £19.
  • The cheapest place in the UK for private tutorials is Bradford.
  • The average price for a music lesson varies by instrument. Drum lessons average £21 per hour whereas trumpet lessons are £31 per hour on average.
  • Spanish is one of the cheapest languages to learn with average rates around £18 while Mandarin averages nearly £23 per hour.
  • For a specialised subject, such as tax law. You should be looking to pay around £40 per hour.
  • This study also showed just how quickly the tutors on the platform respond to queries.
  • Tutors take less than 24 hours to respond to a student query which is massively important in this day and age where everything is available instantly.

Now that you know more about the cost of private tutorials, all that’s left to do is have a look at some of the private tutors on Superprof and see which ones are best suited to your needs.

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