Personal tutoring is a way of making a better tomorrow for your children. By coaching the child in a perfect ambient atmosphere, a better future is definitely in the pipeline.

With the availability of a range of online teachers platforms, finding and getting in touch with a personal tutor is not very difficult these days. As a parent, identify the need of the child and look for an appropriate learning solution.

Parents can also find teachers online by checking different tutoring platforms. These platforms offer doubt clearing sessions and hold regular tests for evaluation purposes. 

There are several prerequisites that you need to ensure while finalising a tutor for your child. The best way to do this is by questioning yourself. Let us learn what are those important questions.

Question Yourself

When the search for a personal tutor is initiated, try to analyze the skills that need to be strengthened. If the child needs to work on improving grammar, get in touch with a tutor who has knowledge of different aspects of English grammar. Question yourself and you will definitely be able to find the right sort of tutor for your child.

Educational Skills

The learning objectives also play a key role when it comes to finding private tutors. If the child wishes to learn English, it is important that the tutor they are seeking is a language specialist. It would be better to look for someone who has a professional degree in the discipline. A teacher who has been a part of an institution would definitely be a better choice as they have experience of teaching students with different skill sets.

Identify The Weak Links

If as a parent you are looking for a private home tutor, a preliminary analysis of the skill set of the child should also be done. Identification of child’s weak links is equally important as is the fluency and efficiency of the tutor. It will help you as a parent to find the weak links of the child if a discussion on these aspects is done prior to the time; the services of the Esl teacher are finalized. The teacher will be in a position to restructure his/her lesson plans according to the learning curve of the students. The student will also feel comfortable in such a situation and will work on the lesson plans delivered by the teacher in true earnest.

Learning Style Also Matters

Some children are rote learners while others believe in understanding the concepts. Both ways are of equal importance and the student learning will definitely benefit if you keep theses aspects while looking for native English tutors for the child.

Keep The Learning Disabilities In Mind

'Private tutors near me' concept is gaining ground and parents are looking forward to having tutors who can offer personalized coaching. However, every child is not the same and as a parent, you should keep the learning disabilities in mind when searching for an online teacher or any personal tutor. Invest some effort in identifying specialized teachers if the child is suffering from any learning disability like dyslexia.

A teacher teaching students.
A teacher should know how to deal with the students' weak links. Source: Hindustan Times

Subject Specialist Versus General Tutors

The credential of the tutor also matters and when the process of identification of the tutor is underway, it is important to choose them according to their subject specialty. A master of arts cannot be a good choice if you as a parent are looking for a science teacher for the child. Learn to identify the key difference between a general tutor and a subject specialist and connect with the right kind of tutor will be established. Getting valuable inputs from the right person will definitely make the child’s future better. The teacher will also be able to impart education according to the content area specialization he/she has. This will create a perfect balance and learning benefits will show up in the child.

Online Learning Versus Personal Tutoring

Let us consider an example. If the parents are looking for an English language teaching professor, in an ideal scenario, a personal tutor would be available in the vicinity of the home. Parents generally believe that being in personal touch with the school teacher will bring positive results. However, times have changed now and the concept of Virtual classroom is gaining popularity. There are many learning platforms which offer quality online courses and as a parent, you can choose any such platform for enhancing the knowledge base of the child.

Superprof is one such platform where teachers register to offer tutoring services to the students. These teachers are evaluated by Superprof and as a parent, you will be satisfied that quality tutoring will be offered. These personal tutors respond to students queries within 24 hours and thereafter, the students can connect with the tutors for learning. The students can also communicate with teachers through Superprof. In a nutshell, Superprof is an ideal learning platform and subject experts from the world over can be found on it.

Find the best digital tutors for your kids.

Tab containing e-learning app.
E-learning makes learning easy and fun. Source: Hindustan Times

Contacting The Appropriate Tutor

It is not as if getting in touch with a personal tutor is a difficult task. As a student, who is looking for a personal tutor or as a parent searching for a tutor for their child, they need to prepare a probable list of questions. Ask these questions to the tutor and clarity in thoughts will definitely emerge. When a probable personal tutor is identified, discuss with him/her the following aspects:

  • Teaching style
  • Cost compulsion
  • Availability of supplementary material
  • Use of teaching aids
  • Check the credentials
  • Duration for which tutoring is needed
  • Tutoring schedule followed

Teaching Style

In his/her teaching career, a teacher comes across different categories of students. The teaching style also varies accordingly. When a personal tutor is found, ask him/her about the field of expertise and the teaching style he or she would adopt. Having in-depth knowledge of these aspects will help the parents get an idea of the teaching expertise of the teacher. The parents can also enquire about his or her teaching degree so that the parents can prepare the child to learn accordingly from the tutor.

Cost Compulsions

Tutors who are in into English teaching profession or any other subject tutoring generally consider tutoring students for a fixed fee. It would be helpful if coordination can be established with the tutors in advance on this aspect. If the child enrols in any of the language school for improving the subject skills, the school will offer a package deal in which the course will be covered. It is for the parents to decide whether to enrol the child for the course and benefit from the same. Interacting with the tutor at a personal level might help the parents cut some of the costs.

Availability Of Supplementary Material

Supplementary material is a valuable addition to learning. This holds true especially in cases of the preparation program. When a child decides to get in touch with any tutor, always enquire beforehand as a parent if any kind of supplementary material will be provided or not. Most of the private school tutors offer additional supplementary material which is of much use.

Use Of Teaching Aids

New teachers who have been trained in the recent past are technology-friendly. If the child is seeking tuition classes for any certificate program, it is vital that you as a parent should inquire if the teacher is using teaching aids. Online English teaching does demand the inculcation of teaching aids but personal tutors generally ignore this need. Enquire from the teacher if he or she would be using any of the teaching aids.

Students learning crafts.
Activity based teaching ensures permanent learning. Source: Wikipedia

Check The Credentials

When parents are searching for a tutor and are in the process of contacting one, it is vital that the credentials of the teacher are checked. It is important to check the tutor's past track record. Moreover, the focus should also be on the language skills that the tutor possesses. This will help you as a parent to reach out to the best teacher and learn from the teacher's experiences which will benefit the child immensely.

Duration For Which Tutoring Is Needed

Different education courses have distinct requirements. Similarly, each of these needs a different duration for tutoring. Ask the tutor about the course duration he or she is offering. This should be in sync with the children’s needs and aspirations. Once, an understanding is reached, it will be easy for the child to complete the course in pre-decided duration.  This will help in keeping the pace up with the facts that the child learns during the Language learning session.

Tutoring Schedule Followed

If the child has enrolled for an online learning session, there is little scope in terms of schedule that has to be followed. However, this is not the case in personal tutoring. Personal tutors generally schedule the class schedule according to the need of the child. When contact with the personal tutor is established, ensure that the limitations of the child, if any,  are listed so that a solution can be found beforehand.

Students studying in a classroom.
Making notes helps for better revision. Source: Hindustan Times

Getting In Touch With The Tutor

There are several ways of getting in touch with a tutor. It a small part of the entire process of finding the best tutor.

Social Media

Tutors also advertise their interest in offering tuition classes through social media platforms. As a parent, you should keep a tap on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Many times, tutors advertise about the speciality of the course in which they teach. Once any suitable tutor has been found through this medium, get in touch through the personal numbers or email addresses that have been shared. A good personal tutor will definitely be found.

Newspaper Advertisements

Some tutors advertise about the online course through print medium also. You should develop the habit of checking the leading newspaper in the region. Advertisements in print or through pamphlets are generally done by the tutors who are seeking to share their academy details and the features of the tuition class. 

Word Of Mouth

Mostly, personal tutors also spread information about their venture verbally or in one-on-one conversations. They highlight their teaching experience and course speciality through their current students. As a parent, you can also ask such students on their experiences with a particular tutor.

Contacting an appropriate tutor will definitely have its positive impacts on the child’s learning. As a learner, the child is likely to gain valuable knowledge that will stand the test of time in the long run.

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