There was a time when everything was taught in school given the limited syllabus that was included in the school curriculum. Consequently, there was neither the need for private tuitions nor the availability of it in the market. The drastic shift in the syllabus pattern inclined the students to learn from private tutors as the huge syllabus cannot be covered entirely in schools. Today, private tutoring has been given a new platform which has generated an employment opportunity in the form of online tutor jobs.

Gone are the days when teaching was confined to brick and mortar school classrooms. Now, teachers can convey knowledge and wisdom to the students at the comfort of their homes. The availability of online tutoring jobs for teachers has brought a revolutionary change in the field of education.

Let us learn more about this new platform of teaching.

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Principles Of Online Tutoring

In general, a good tutor is hailed as the one who has immense knowledge of a defined subject, teaching skills and a lot of patience. However, in the case of online tutoring, the teachers need to follow certain principles in order to justify the role of his/her job.

Good Soft Skills

A tutor is not only known for his incomparable knowledge of a subject but also for the way he teaches it. Soft skills include patience, creative interactions, good expressions, balanced tone of voice, innovative techniques of teaching and motivational qualities. The absence of the physical presence of a tutor in front of his students can cause distractions if the classes are not captivating enough. Therefore, an online tutor must possess good and polished soft skills to captivate students’ attention.

Intuitive Observation

In a physical classroom setup, it is very easy for a teacher to observe the behaviour of students through their body language. This is not possible through online portals as only the students’ face would be visible on a small screen. So, a tutor who teaches through online classes must have intuitive observational skills in order to gauge the expressions of his students. This would allow him to build a good bond with students and conduct successful teaching sessions.

Effective Organisation

Home tutors usually teach in a very informal manner as they tend to be more friendly and relaxed with the students. However, in the case of online classes, there has to be a certain organisation of modules that are to be taught in the defined sessions. Students have enough compelling reasons to miss their online classes which is why it is important to keep them engaged in the course.

Online tutors must prepare an organised schedule and share it with the students. This way, the student will try their best not to miss a single class and thus act more responsibly and attentively.

Camera-friendly Behaviour

A lot of people are camera conscious and tend to get nervous while they have to perform or speak in front of it. This is a very general trait among many people who are not used to making digital appearances in their personal lives. A nervous behaviour can lead to uninteresting classes which would turn out to be a professional failure. So, one who wishes to avail online tutoring jobs must get rid of this consciousness in order to make an effective mass appeal.

Decent Writing Skills

Online classes cannot survive only on verbal communications and lectures. There is a need for sharing written notes with the students in order to provide them with some reading material for practice. This requires the online tutors to prepare notes and share it either by showing it on the screen or mailing it in PDF formats. In both the cases, the writing must be clear, understandable and crisp so that the students can read it through their digital devices. Therefore, online tutors should abide by this principle in order to effectively perform their job.

Activity-Based Teaching

Just like the physical classroom, it is important to engage the students in learning activities in online classes as well. One can make a list of certain activities that can be conducted by the students which would grab their interest. Continuous lectures can be boring and tiresome for the students if they are kept mum on the other end. It is the duty of the tutors to make sure they make their classes fun and interactive.

Use Feedbacks

Every online platform has this facility of taking feedback from the viewers. In this case, the students must be allowed to note down the areas of improvement. It is not possible for any mentor or tutor to not be outwitted by the fact that they do not need to improve. One must constantly keep taking honest feedbacks of the students as well as consider those with utmost humility in the future sessions.

How To Take Lessons Online In India?

One of the very common queries of online tutors is how to take lessons online in India? Since other countries like the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates adapted to the online teaching platforms way earlier than India, the process of it is very new to many tutors, especially the ones who are not much friendly with digital devices. The procedure of online tuition classes is very simple and easily adaptive and can be explained in a few simple steps.

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Choose A Platform

There are various applications and websites like Google classroom through which it is easy to organise a batch by adding their email accounts. So, after a tutor has created a batch for a particular subject, say English, he needs to choose an online medium of providing classes.

Create A Batch

All the enrolled students need to be added in the online batch that is created on the website/application. Once done, it needs to be scheduled depending upon the predefined time slots which are given to the students.

Start Streaming

The last step is, of course, logging in the online tutoring account and addressing the class through a video call. The tutors need to make sure that all the students are online and able to hear and see him through their digital devices. Keeping all the principles of online teaching kept in mind, the teachers are good to go with their classes.

Feasibility Of Online Tutor Jobs

A Home tutor gets to work from their comfortable living spaces or at the comfort of their student’s homes with hour temporary time. This has always been the optimum advantage of providing tuition classes as there is no institution which bounds one into defined working hours. Adding to this advantage, the introduction of online tuition classes has expanded the feasibility of this profession.

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Traditionally, home tutors were geographically bound in their cities or towns as neither the tutors nor the students can travel a long distance for taking classes. But through online platforms, one can give online classes to students all around the country.

Not only this, but there are also certain companies who are offering a platform to connect the learners with online tutors. On the other hand, some platforms are helping students and teachers to find each other. One such leading ground is Superprof, which has given a new face to finding teachers for online tuition classes. Superprof is not confined to academic professionals but also offers a platform for skilled tutors like guitarists, photographers, chefs and artists to teach and take classes.

Impact On Employment Opportunities

With the increasing number of vacancies for online tutoring jobs in India, it can be said that online classes have a positive impact on the employment opportunities in the country. The student-teacher ratio gives a very limited window to teachers. The teacher-students must be maintained since it holds an important factor in education.

Online tutoring not only allows the actively working home tutors to expand their career in this profession, but it is also a very good platform for women who somehow had to forgo their career for personal commitments. Women who wish to restart their career or earn independently can also avail online tutor jobs to get financial support on their own.

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Women can showcase their cooking skills and earn from it by using the platform of online classes. Source:

Also, there are many talented people who have had unfortunate accidents because of which they cannot travel from one place to the other. Online tuition classes can also help these people to bind their hope once again and work with utmost dedication.

Superprof offers employment to all these people and has successfully established itself as the hub of tutors and teachers in many countries of the world. It is open for every skilled and educated individual who wishes to convey their wisdom and knowledge to nurture the young minds of the country. It has successfully connected millions of students to well-deserving online tutors in different lines of work.

The internet has brought a revolutionary change in the world and has yielded many fruitful products, a major one being the online classes.

It is not only a boon for the students who can take lessons from the comfort of their homes, but also for many tutors who take teaching as a profession as well as passion. This has come up as a very unique way of strengthening the bond of teachers and students which by far is one of the most important and cherished bondings.

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