A major cultural and social hub in India for roughly two thousand years, Madurai is currently the 4th most crowded city in India. The city has a diverse population, consisting of people from all parts of the country. A major IT hub, the Madurai economy was mainly based on agriculture until 1991 when small scale industries began.

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Do you reflect on the economics and accounting system that happened during the process of transformation of the historic Madurai into a hotbed for IT and small scale industries, predominantly based on rubber? The automobile sector is one of the biggest consumers of rubber-based products. As a student, there are quite a large number of aspects to introspect on.

There are significant reasons that led to the rapid rise and development into the rubber industry. Here are a few key points:

  • Cultural and historical factors.
  • Factors related to agricultural output.
  • Availability of skilled personnel/labour and its related economics.
  • Infrastructural expenditure and material costing.
  • International trade: historical trade pre-independence era. Modern trade
  • Impact on the environment.

Are you overwhelmed by all of these above?

Mathematical pressure destroying your leisure? It makes sense to find an experienced economics tutor to help and provide guidance for finding a methodical approach to learn. Excellent academic performance in your undergraduate degree is essential for getting decent economic Jobs in India. There is an everblooming requirement for good economists, especially after the 2000s- the time during which the IT industry and the small scale industries based on rubber, imploded.

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Available Sources to Ponder

Economics happens to be an often neglected field of study. Many people find it a boring topic and do not realise the importance of the subject in the modern world and find it difficult to relate the theory with practical world applications. It is imperative to have a sound understanding of the present global economic events and its consequences. These events have a profound effect on both national and international levels. Some of the effects include unemployment, lower bank interest rates, low GDP etc.

It doesn't matter if you're an aspirant or a student currently enrolled at the University of Madurai. A sound understanding of Mathematics and Statistics is crucial for a college student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in the subject of Economics. College-level economics requires a firm hold of mathematical theorems and equations including pre-calculus, trigonometry, statistics, etc. Do not assume going through a simple run through just before the semester exams are going to help you.

It is necessary to have good writing skills, along with maths, in order to prepare effective projects and assignments for academic success. Undergraduate starters may benefit from the guidance of their seniors, peer tutoring or one-on-one tutoring. Small study groups have been proven to be beneficial. However, it is better to have a regular disciplined approach and take up an individual tutoring program offered by online tutors specialised by subjects.

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Campus Resources

While most undergraduates studying at the Honors level study on their own, students seeking assistance and rely on advisors and certified tutors present in the college.

There is indeed a high level of student resources available to the high-level achiever seeking to improve their academic skills. A change in the system compared to previous traditional school environment might add pressure on the mind of a fresher pursuing an undergraduate program in Economics.

The abstract theories of Economics combined with Mathematics and Statistics may seem daunting- forces to think both critically and on a bigger perspective. "A" grade student should specialise in the subject and formulate a systematic strategy to develop a deeper understanding of the subject. It is not unreasonable for the students to ask for departmental academic advising from faculty staff and academic resources.

An excellent place to find tutors and passionate people passionate about economics is the students' union. Many provide invaluable tips and suggestions related to the subjects. Some even provide guidance and one-on-one tuition.

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Help from Faculty

While many professors are often portrayed in a bad light- it should never be in doubt that they are relatively experienced, professionally certified and deployed to teach you. You can ask the professor for assistance or recommendation of a good student for private tuition.

You might find it easier if you take a bit of your free time in college and consult with the teacher regarding intriguing topics such as macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics etc. You may also consult with the Economics Administrative Department if you hit some roadblocks.  For resources, use the college library for additional academic references. Social and behavioural science patterns indicate that students learn better in small study groups. Individualised tutoring from students at least a year senior is also beneficial.

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Online Tutoring- The Future is here.

There are tons of resources and tutoring services available online. Whether you introspect your study skills in note-taking or interested in learning the subtle art of the writing process- there are several options available thanks to the web and the development of technology.

For students living in far off places away from the city, finding a tutor has never become easier. It is tough to find a proper learning resource centre or tutoring services in remote areas. For the prepared student interested in taking test preps, there are several online test-taking options available. There are tutors available for math, statistics, economics etc. Just jot down the points in your mental blackboard regarding the following points:

  1. What are the subjects you need assistance with? Math, Social Science?
  2. Would a private tutor be enough for achieving satisfactory academic progress? What is the extent of your capability to grasp from campus learning?
  3. If a private tutor is just what you need, is home tutoring your preference? Or do you prefer group tutoring?
  4. Are you comfortable with online tutoring?
  5. What are your thoughts on tutoring centres?
  6. Are you on a budget? Are you searching for free tutoring? Private tutoring can become an expensive luxury.

While tutoring may seem a viable option, you must be careful and wary of the quality of education you will be receiving. It also depends on your requirements. The best tutors or tutoring centres may not be suitable for you.

Superprof has a high number of experienced and registered tutors available in the city of Madurai. Most of them also provide online tuitions via webcam- if that suits your taste. Most of the first lessons are offered free.

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Other tutorial options online:

There are several MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses) available which offer the much-needed assistance in all subjects including Lectures, notes, student discussion panels, etc. The student discussion panel is quite essential. Some courses have made active participation in panels mandatory for the completion of the online courses. You don't have to worry about the hole burning in your pocket as they are for most of the time- completely free. They can be done in correspondence with the undergrad program from the University of Madurai. Collect from the best learning resources available on the internet and achieve your desired academic excellence. If you do not have an issue with the American accent, Khan Academy is a good option for your academic progress.

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