If you are preparing for your board examinations or entrance exams for your choice of University, then you need to be aware that there is more than one type of degree program in economics that one can opt for in this field. If you are planning on becoming an economist but are still unsure as to which area you should specialise in.

Here at SuperProf India , we will guide you through this process.

While studying economics, you focus mainly on the theories and the various applications of the principles of economics. Or, you may also focus more on the mathematical side of the subject.

If the former part of economics is favourable to you, then your studies would be focused on the study of sociology and how it functions, human geography, the economic history that deals with the rise and fall of society and the various important events, political science, public health, social studies, environmental economics and the economy which centres around the distribution and uses of wealth and money in the society.

All of the subjects mentioned above revolves and has an impact on the economy. This does not in any way indicate that you won’t have any maths while completing your Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Advanced math and calculus is an essential aspect of your curriculum, but the level of study will be lesser.

The other types of degree in economics are health economics, macroeconomics, etc.

To graduate with an honours degree, you need to have strong analytical reasoning and also an understanding of the quantitative research techniques.

Tutoring in Economics

Economics is not a subject that most students take up for their studies at the university level. There are less than 60 films that have been loosely based on the subject of Economics. The subject of Economics is not as glamorous as the other courses available.

Most of the films centre around or deal with the subject of finance and more than half of them are documentaries. When you make a comparison between films that are based on economics and films which are based on archaeology, archaeology wins this streak. Movies like Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, The Mummy, etc. are all based on archaeology. This comparison brings it to our attention that the subject of economics is not as renown or known as the other subjects and social sciences disciplines.

However, this underlines the fact that just like an archaeology student does not require an archaeologist to teach him or her. This can also be applied in the subject of Economics. A student learning economics should not pour all of their hopes on an Economics teacher. There are only about 20 teachers in the city of Ahmedabad who specialize in the department for Economic education, and the rest are inexperienced in the field of tutoring.

Economics Teacher
Image: Economics Teacher | Source: Pixabay

One of the most prominent problems is the lack of valid credentials. This lack of credentials for teachers or tutors can lead a student to hire a teacher whose specialization is not in the field of economics but rather on some other subject.

At SuperProf India you will find tutors who have an expertise in their field of the subject. These teachers will contact you immediately after you reach out to them, and their average price range for one-hour classes would be around 1500 rupees. Online tutors at SuperProf give their first lesson to their students for free as an incentive.

If you want to gain an in-depth understanding of econometrics or microeconomics, then these verified teachers can come to your house and set a time which would be convenient for both you and the tutor. These teachers can also teach you online through webcams. This has been made possible through applications like Skype. We will get into online tutoring in the next section.

If a tutor from SuperProf is not something that you are comfortable with then, we would recommend our dear and loyal students to find a tutor who specializes in the area of your subject such as mathematics, chemistry, economics. You will find out that it is easy to find a math or history teacher in your area than it is to find a tutor in the market who is well-versed in the subject of microeconomics, macroeconomic, or statistics.

At SuperProf you will find a private tutor who will provide you with lesson plans and homework which will help you prepare for your upcoming examinations.

How to find an Online Tutor

Most students prefer to build a connection with their teachers outside of school. Whereas other students like the separation of academics from what they regard as the time that they devote to studying with their tutors who coach them privately. In the present times, tutoring services online are creating web-based lesson plans to help their students learn better. There is a lot of information available online, including online courses which can be utilized in the field of tutoring.


Superprof India

SuperProf India is an Indian online platform that provides economics courses and courses on other subjects such as maths, English, and several others. How it works: Select the subject you would like to study and then choose the specific area of knowledge that you need proper guidance for. Via Superprof it has become easier for anyone to become a tutor now. It is an online platform which is free of cost. You can earn a living through tutoring. You can either provide economic classes for your students at their home or teach them online through webcams. Superprof is a community of over 9.3 million teachers across the globe who are passionate and share this same passion along with their knowledge to their students. Apply now at Superprof and be a teacher for elementary, school level, post-secondary and even college level tutor.

Boy In Economics Class
Image: Boy In Economics Class | Source: Pixabay

My Private Tutor

This is a company that is based in West Bengal, India. My Private Tutor is a platform which helps to connect tutors and tutees for both home tutoring and online. This is a free site for teachers to sign up. They can interact and bring in students who need their help. The students have to subscribe to the subject that they would like tutoring.



Byju's is also another online tutoring site in India. This site teaches its students via videos. These videos help the students to understand and visualize the concept. The students are given an in-depth analysis of their subject, and their progress is also kept in check.


Tuitions within the Department of Economics

This portion is mostly applicable for the students of Economics Education at higher secondary schools or college level. If you are facing a problem with your preparations for your ISC or CBSE board examinations, then the following suggestions can come in handy for you.

1.    Talk to your teacher

Ask your educators if he or she knows someone, preferably a retired school teacher or professor of economics who has now started giving online or private tuitions to students. If microeconomics is something that concerns you then ask your economic teacher for a reference. As a retired teacher would know the various economic concepts.

2.    Ask your Department

It could be that your Department of Economics has a list of teachers who are skilled and qualified in this field. If not, then you can find some ads on the bulletin board of your college which grant permissions to students who have graduated to post private or home tutoring advertisements.

Note: your campus library, bookstore or cafeteria might post such advertisements.

Economics Study
Image: Economics Study | Source: Pexels

3.    Cross-check with the student union

The student union can help you find the best Economics tutors in town for undergraduate students. The student union can help you find a good tutoring centre for whatever subject you need help with.

4.    Online

You can find some of the best tutors online as well. There are several skilled tutors available online who are willing to devote their time for teaching their students. Online teachers jobs are becoming more and more popular. Online tutors teaching methods are different; they come up with new and innovative lesson plans.

As a student, you can also take up an online Economics course which will surely help you with your studies.

Superprof has some of the best tutors waiting for you if you need help with your subject.

They will help you score good marks and pass your board examinations with ease. Retired school teachers who are looking to restart their career can also apply as a tutor on our site. The teacher salaries can vary depending on their location and their experience as a teacher. Ex-teacher also has teaching experience and a teacher's licence which them an upper hand against undergraduates. Teacher certification is the process by which educators get their teaching license to teach after they complete their required coursework, teaching degree, teacher training and other specified criteria. This certificate helps them become certified as a teacher, and they are most likely to be selected as a students tutor based on their credentials.

New teachers looking for a side income can also take up a part-time job as a tutor.

You can find tutors for economics all across India such as in Ahmedabad, Delhi. Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, etc. and can learn economics and other subjects. The job growth for tutoring as an English teacher or ESL teachers or for any other subject has been growing rapidly in the field of teacher jobs. Students in the undergraduate and graduate level can also apply as an online tutor at SuperProf.

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