Teaching English is in great demand in India where proficiency in conversational English skills, writing skills, listening skills, and even English study skills are valued. The demand especially for candidates who have achieved a TESOL or TEFL certificate or a specific teaching certificate.

Objectives of Language Teaching

Based on the learning objectives, many pedagogy experts have recommended a four-fold teaching approach to English language teaching. This approach includes instruction on the following:

  1. Semantics: To understand spoken English (learn English grammar and consonants)
  2. Phonetics: Learning to speak fluent English like a native speaker
  3. Graphics: English writing proficiency
  4. Phonetic–cum–Graphic: English reading proficiency

Find the best English training institutes and private tutors in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, or Kolkata.

A teacher assumes different roles in the life of a student | Source: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Become an English Language Teacher in India

Whether you want to teach children at the school level, or adult working professionals and university students, you have to go through a few necessary (and, sometimes unavoidable) steps on how to become a teacher in India.

Schoolteacher recruitment in India, at the primary and secondary levels, is done on the basis of state and national eligibility testing - Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET). Apart from this, it is advisable to go through some form of teacher training before actually applying for a teaching job.

India’s University Grants Commission (UGC) has set aside separate regulations for higher education, such as essential qualifications for university professors, including language teachers.

English tutoring also follows a similar trajectory. Students and their parents usually look for a private tutor with at least a Master’s Degree in English or a TOEFL certification (foreign language certifications are held in high regard).

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Best English Learning and Spoken English Classes in Hyderabad

English is the most used international language of communication. It also helps to enhance job opportunities within your country or abroad. Knowing English is essential for socializing, improving yourself and for better communication with people.

There are more than 750 million English speakers in the world, both native speakers as well as non-native speakers. Learning the English language is essential to exchange opinions, ideas, thoughts, etc. However, mastery of English language skills, a language developed over the span of 1,400 years, is not a cakewalk. Check out these top destinations for English language learning in Hyderabad.


Specialized courses in English speaking and general English skills development, including grammar lessons, have been rigorously designed to meet students' requirements. Proper learning strategies and pedagogical techniques are followed in the numerous speaking sessions, video lessons and other learning resources available on this extremely popular teacher-student platform in India.

Check out online reviews and ratings to make informed choices about your English tutors | Source: UrbanPro

English Speaking Courses in Hyderabad

UrbanPro is a meeting place for students and teachers. Students can also find spoken English courses, English speaking classes, one-on-one tuitions and much more in Pune. Sign up with free registration and become a pro in English language skills.

Whether you are looking for tutors for English Class 7 or English Class 9, online tutor bureaus such as UrbanPro offer the perfect solution.

English Tutor Near Me

Many English language institutes also offer personality development and soft skills training along with the core English courses. With UrbanPro, students can find tutors in their preferred localities in Hyderabad, including Gachibowli, Ameerpet, Mehdipatnam and Dilsukhnagar Colony.

Swan Tutors Online

Find online English teachers with Swan Tutors, one of the best online providers of teachers of English. The Learn English series of online courses are designed to help adults, teenagers, and children. The English language tutors registered with this web-based learning center that offers curated online lessons for English offer their services and expertise to people from all walks of life.

An online course with Swan Tutors synchronizes educational fineness with human excellence.

Swan Tutors envisions a student-centric world of education where tutoring services are geared according to the need, pace, and level of learning (basic, intermediate or advanced level) of a student. There are group lessons as well as one-on-one lessons on offer. The courses are flexible, customizable and extremely effective!

Take an online English speaking course on Superprof.

eng learning
With online learning platforms in vogue today, it is easy to personalize learning according to the student's learning needs and goals | Source: Swan Tutors Online


TeacherOn.com is a free-to-use website, where English language learners and English language teachers find a common meeting ground. The website boasts of an inventory of over 3500 subjects, English being one of them, including TEFL courses, ESL courses, courses in speaking English like a pro, and many more.

Their vision is to create an agreement between the teaching styles of tutors and the learning needs of students.

They are also committed to guarding their patrons against spammers. TeacherOn.com takes care to create comprehensive tutor profiles with all relevant information that would serve as a good starting point for students and parents to shortlist candidates.

Cyber Safety

The platform has a unique system of credits through the use of virtual coins that nullifies the fluctuations arising out of the use of varied currencies across the globe. English tutors and students of English can use these coins to contact each other. This is a positive step in the direction of cyber safety for both parties. TeacherOn offers both online teaching options as well as personal home-based tuitions and coaching institutes.


Superprof is yet another online meeting ground for teachers and students. Pick your personal English tutor to help you overcome challenges in learning English. Superprof helps you to find the most relevant teacher, based on your specific search criteria vis-a-vis teaching skills, learning goals as well as experience, location (home tuition or online tuition) and tuition costs.

Accredited databases of online English tutors come with extensive background research and thorough profile verification to ensure cyber safety | Source: Superprof

Find the Ideal Spoken English Classes in Hyderabad

Superprof lets you browse and consult the tutor profile free of cost. You can contact your ideal teacher, once you have a shortlist for prospective teaching candidates. Discuss your needs and schedule and organize classes based on mutual convenience.

Superprof facilitates secure payments from your personal inbox. English teachers registered with Superprof charge tuition fees as low as INR 698/hour in Hyderabad!

Another remarkable feature of this immensely popular online tutor database in India is the Superprof Student Pass that gives you unlimited access to all teachers, coaches, and masterclasses for a whole year! Now, you can improve your grades, boost your confidence and work more efficiently under expert guidance.


The platform offers a large database of tutors and institutes for private English lessons in Hyderabad. Students can choose from both one-to-one or group lessons. Online English teaching options are also available.

Tutors on LearnPick charge tuition fees as low as INR 200/hour!

With LearnPick, students can get a world-class online English teacher who also assumes the role of a mentor, helping students achieve better grades in English as a second language, whether it is the ICSE curriculum, or CBSE or any other regional boards of education in India.

Ask a question at Learnpick
Ask a question for free | Source: LearnPick

Ask a Question

One of the unique features of the website is that it lets students post academic questions for free. Tutors registered on the website are free to take on and answer such queries, relevant to their area of expertise. So, if you just need a couple of questions answered instead of a whole subject being explained, avail this service now!

Comprehensive Tutor Profiles

Detailed profiles of tutors and language training institutes are provided on the website, based on qualification, expertise, teaching techniques, hourly rates, and availability. Students can post their requirement for free and expect a prompt callback from potential candidates in Chennai.

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