How can you homeschool your kids?

The Homeschooling Guide

“Equality has a body: free and compulsory education.” - Victor Hugo Would you like to start teaching your children at home? Perhaps you don’t know where to start... There are a lot of questions surrounding homeschooling and you need to know the advantages and disadvantages and how to do it before you even begin. Fortunately, you’re […]

29 March 20216 minutes to read

Your little ones might enjoy the challenge of climbing while building confidence

How to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

It would be hard to believe that any parent would not want and actively strive for the best where their children are concerned. We don’t mean the right school or the right social contacts though that does play a part – perhaps too large a part in our status-driven society. Nor do we think a […]

10 July 20207 minutes to read