Computer science is the operating system for all innovation.

Are you looking to develop strong computer skills to expedite your learning process and career growth? Then worry no more. No matter which computer course you want to enrol in, whether it’s creating a database, updating a web page, developing an app, or coding, thanks to the digital economy, IT and computers are everywhere nowadays.

You probably don't need an introduction to computer courses, thanks to your university degree and the worldwide exposure to computers and technology. But, if you want to enhance your level of expertise in any of the computing domains like programming or software development, you will need access to a good computer module, either through an online computer course or a computer basic course in-person. 

So, what are your options for choosing a computer course?

  1. Bsc in Computer Science.
  2. B.Tech University Degree in Computer Engineering.
  3. Bsc Hons in Information Technology.
  4. Entry-level Vocational Courses in Information Technology.
  5. Post-graduation Courses in Information Technology or Computer Engineering.
  6. Management Courses with Modules on Computer Science and Basic Computer Programming.
  7. Computer Hardware Course for Security and Maintenance.

No matter what your field of study, you can always find a computer teacher to support you in your foundation year, provide assistance with project work, as well as career choices beyond campus placement processes.

Are there any special computer equipment required for any of the courses?

Important Data for Computer Courses in India

Learn computer
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One out of every 4 children in India has access to private tuition. According to a recent research study conducted by NSSO, private tuition has been seen to thrive. In some parts of India, almost 80% of students study online from home or with teachers who offer private tuition. A student can study for free if she has access to experts with a sound career background and proven skills or can pay a certain amount of fees in lieu of undivided attention and focused learning. 

According to the data provided by Superprof, tutorials in information technology and computer science are in the top 25 most popular type of tutorials. This includes various computing courses like software development, programming languages, coding, computer hardware, information systems, data science, data management, and the list goes on. There are currently over 2 million different tutors on the platform and learning about computers makes up some of the most common tutorials. This means more experts who can apply their skills and experience to support your study and maximize your learning. 

The average tuition fees charged by any level of computer teacher is between INR 2,000 to INR 4,000 per month. The fees are determined by:

  1. Subject matter.
  2. Level of expertise.
  3. Background and experience.
  4. University degree.
  5. Time investment.

Note that if you seek support with your project work, credits module or placement process, those charges will be added separately. Of course, you can negotiate those rates and the basic fees beforehand.

Determinants of Computer Course Cost

CFA courses can offer a diverse range of income and careers
Tuition fees and the cost of computer courses depend on a number of factors.

After a quick search on Superprof, you'll see that the more basic the computer courses, the cheaper each computer class will be. There are many factors that determine the cost of a computer course. 

Field of Study

Basic computer science subjects like the use of the internet, or how to use any computer hardware will cost you less. More advanced courses like programming or software development need a higher level of expertise and thus tutors will charge higher tuition fees.

Tutor Profile

If you want a highly qualified professional to help you with your computer science courses, then you will have to shell out more to cover their fees. But for a basic knowledge building course on computer science, you don't need a highly specialized intervention. A mid-level computer professional with working knowledge of computer-related technology is enough to see you through.

Time Allotment

Depending on the number of sessions, or the time duration of a computer course like a year, the tuition fees will fluctuate. You can choose to pay your tutor on a monthly basis or you can pay for every session.


Some private tutors also account for the cost of travel to and from the place of study. This comes down to zero for an online computer class, but for physical classes, where the teacher has to come down to your place to teach, the location of your home plays an important part in determining the tuition fees.

And Superprof's online computer courses are the best value for the money. A basic online class with Superprof will cover important components of:

  • Fundamental concepts of computer science.

  • An introduction to computer engineering.

  • Learning to use an operating system.

  • Computer training for Office Suites, typing, using copy and paste, word processing etc. 
  • Navigating the internet, entering keywords etc. 

Studying applied math can be rewarding
There are multiple options in computer science and engineering that can drive career decisions after 12th.

You should start considering career options immediately after passing your 10th board examinations. And you will be glad to know that there are tons of options to choose from that allow you to combine passion and profession.

Consider these computer courses as a foundation course for building a great career:

  • Website Design and Development.
  • Introduction to Coding.
  • Introduction to Programming Languages.
  • Computer Engineers in Information Technology.
  • Introduction to Networks and Systems.
  • Software Application Development.
  • Computer Hardware Course.
  • Business Analysis and Data Management.

These are just the most trending and popular courses and only present the tip of the iceberg. There are, in fact, thousands of modules and advanced specializations that you can opt for once you enter university and weigh your options well.

Remember to invest some time for self-learning between computer classes. 

Programming Courses- The Next Big Thing in Computer Science

Computer language
Programming languages are very useful in software development and application.

Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming.

Learning about computer programming languages can be tedious and time-consuming. But once you have mastered the skills in one or more of these computing languages, then you can easily apply them in any area like business management, academia, research, university course modules, online tutoring and many more. 

The more specialised the language you want to learn, the fewer tutors you’ll find. As you’ve probably understood, the hourly rate will also increase. Certain computer courses in computing languages can be very expensive. And these courses will also drive up the tuition fees accordingly. 

Certain computer programs require specialized hardware and accessories to run. You can either choose to buy them yourself or ask your computer teacher to provide support in procuring or accessing them. The best way to economize your tuition fees is to go for a cost-sharing model among students. That way, you can afford a high level of expertise at a fraction of the total cost.

Examples of Computer Programmes

If you want to make professional videos or graphic design, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Indesign are powerful programmes that will help you do so in a professional way. Learning these software skills in your computer class can prove to be very useful in your later career. 

You can do an advanced specialization in any of the programming technology as part of a computer certificate course or as a specific module in your university degree. Some popular computer programmes on offer: 

  1. HTML and CSS.

  2. JavaScript.

  3. Python.

  4. Microsoft Office Suite.

Whichever field of study you choose, and whichever mode, online or a physical computer class, be careful when choosing your private tutor and make sure that they possess the expected level of expertise. Previous experience with teaching and real-time project are added advantages while choosing a good computer teacher. At the end of the day, you are paying for these skills. So, you must give adequate weightage to a university degree, professional experience, level of expert specialization and basic domain skills in computer science. 

Information technology and other domains of computer science like network systems and cyber security are developing at a rate that is beyond our imagination. Make sure you are updated about the latest industry skills, changing business requirements, evolving management roles, and of course the latest computer technology, before you make a decision on the computer course and the associated fees that you are willing to pay for it. 

Get help from experts like Superprof tutors who can support you with these critical decisions. Sign up for a free demo class today.

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