The Hindi language, according to the latest language census in India, accounts for 44% of the people who are native speakers in Hindi. In other words, Hindi is their mother tongue. Hindi commands respect as the official language in government quarters.

Many jobs in northern India require the knowledge of Hindi, while it is part of a majority of the school curriculum in the country. Therefore, it becomes imperative to at least have a working knowledge of the language. In this article, we provide a comprehensive guide to Hindi language speaking courses across the major cities in India.

Find Your Perfect Hindi Class in Madurai

In recent times, the city is opening its doors to an amalgamation with other cultures, Hindi is one of them.

Though relatively nascent, the city offers a few good options for Hindi classes near me.

The Madura College

For the more conventional and academic-minded learners, Madura College is a good option for learning Hindi in a structured manner. The College offers seven undergraduate and nine post-graduate programs, along with an M.Phil program.

Department of Hindi

The department was established in 1950 and is well supported by central government funding. The department observes annual Hindi day and has a bench strength of 90 students enrolled in its programs.

Here is your complete guide to Hindi speaking courses in Madurai.

Find Hindi Classes Near Me in Ahmedabad

The UNESCO World Heritage city of Ahmedabad has a had a rich history of cultural milieu, thanks to its dynastic rulers across time.

Modern-day Ahmedabad has become a melting pot of different traditions. 

It is not surprising, therefore, that the Hindi language in its spoken form can be found to mingle with the predominant Gujarati, with its various dialects.


For everyday learning of Hindi, Bhashaprofs is an ideal platform to learn Hindi online, whether you are looking for a Hindi course for Beginners or an advanced Hindi learning program. The platform also offers Hindi classes for Hindi language certification exams.

The Hindi language classes have been prepared by experienced Hindi language trainers. Avail these courses to learn how to read Hindi, speak Hindi fluently as well as for improving your Hindi listening skills - all important ingredients for achieving fluency in Hindi conversations.

Find the best Hindi course in Ahmedabad.

Find Your Ideal Hindi Class in Bengaluru

From the late 20th century, Bengaluru has witnessed the advent and flourishing of the high-technology industry (notably ICT). Since then, the city has seen an influx of immigrants from all across India, necessitating the acceptance and practice of non-local (Kannada) languages, Hindi being one of the foremost among them.

An award-winning digital application, is a new player in the world of innovation and startups, that is poised to take the world of learning languages by storm.

hindi learning app
Learn Hindi on the go with mobile learning apps | Source: is an online Hindi learning app that understands the unique nature of each learner's learning requirements. Based on this understanding, the app offers Hindi training courses for the students to choose from.

Program Features

  • One-on-one Hindi learning.
  • Group coaching in a virtual classroom.
  • Available in both iOS and Android.
  • Provision of weekly notes and assignments.
  • Live online classes weekly.
  • Course material that allows students to learn at their own pace.
  • Question and answer sessions.
  • Weekly practice lessons over the phone.

Check out this guide on Hindi tuition near me in Bengaluru.

Spoken Hindi Classes in Chennai

If you are in Chennai and want to learn Hindi - for the purpose of government jobs that are taking you to a Hindi-speaking region of the country or Hindi happens to be a third language being taught at school, or you simply want to feed your curiosity for linguistic knowledge, follow this comprehensive one-stop guide to the best Hindi tuition near me.

Jaya Hindi Academy

The Academy has been actively imparting language training to people from all walks of professional life, including actors, bankers, doctors, entrepreneurs, engineers, lawyers, students, and homemakers. Their innovative language training courses are also useful for multinational and corporate companies.

language and culture
Language training courses should be an ideal mix of learning a new language along with a new culture | Source: Jaya Language Academy

Unique Methodology

The Academy has something to offer to every kind of learner.

  • Fast track your learning.
  • Convenient timings .
  • Individual and group classes.
  • Highly experienced Hindi trainers.
  • Home tuitions in Hindi.
  • Online Hindi classes.

For a complete list of options in Hindi language courses in Chennai, check out this guide.

Find the Best Hindi Classes Near Me in Kolkata

Kolkata is a beautiful amalgamation of the East and West. Courses in almost every language of the world can be found here. Hindi is no exception!

IITT Language Academy

The Academy is a subsidiary of the Institute of International Teachers Training. It conducts language courses for the benefit of foreigners traveling to India, non-Hindi speakers and practically everyone who wants to learn Hindi.

The Hindi Course in Kolkata

The course consists of comprehensive language resources aimed at easing the learner into Hindi, along with the ability to explore a new Indian culture. The teaching method focuses on problem-solving during language training, especially in the areas of Hindi pronunciation and Hindi grammar.

Learning a new language is an excellent way to learn about a new culture | Source: IITT Language Academy

Take a Hindi class with the Language Academy to improve your Hindi writing, speaking, and communication. Specifically, expert trainers at the Academy focus on developing Hindi vocabulary, syntax along with new words and phrases. Interactive examples help students to memorize what is being taught.

Check out other Hindi tuitions in Kolkata.

Find Your Ideal Hindi Class in Mumbai

Mumbai, formerly Bombay, is home to the Hindi film industry, more popularly known as Bollywood. The latter has such a mesmerizing hold on the city, indeed the entire country that it is not surprising that Hindi exists as a commonly spoken language in the city, along with the major language of the state of Maharashtra, i.e. Marathi.

Zabaan School for Languages

Zabaan is an independent language school in Mumbai, offering multi-level language training, including Hindi and Urdu and many other languages. The School encourages its students to take up courses that require them to attend classes in the learning center. However, there are options available for private Hindi tuitions at home or online Hindi classes.

Evening Hindi Classes

Specifically aimed at the working professional or full-time student, this 90-minute evening group Hindi classes are held at hours when you can comfortably finish up at the workplace and make it in time.

power of books
Reading books is a great way to pick up the nuances of a new language | Source: Zabaan School for Languages

Intensive Hindi Courses

This is a crash course for those learners who need Hindi language training within a limited amount of time. The course promises a fully immersive cultural and linguistic experience.

Customized Classes

Custom-made courses are provided to students with unique learning needs. These courses can be scheduled at home (or at the center), on a one-on-one basis as well as in small groups at the center or even online.

Here is your complete guide to Hindi speaking courses in Mumbai.

Sign Up for a Hindi Course in Delhi

The main language spoken in the national capital region is Hindi. Therefore, it is not difficult to find good quality spoken Hindi classes in the city.

ILSC Language School

ILSC–New Delhi offers two categories of Hindi language training courses.

Beginner Hindi Program

If you are someone looking for beginner Hindi classes near me, that focuses specifically on improving your listening and speaking skills, sign up with ILSC. Also, get introduced to the Devanagari script as you learn to read and write in Hindi.

Various learning tools are used for these purposes, including textbooks, audio CDs, internet sites, movies, songs, and newspapers. During the classes, you will be guided through role-plays, group and pair work, and language games.

Intermediate Hindi Program

Earn in-depth knowledge of grammatical rules of Hindi, further forays into Hindi vocabulary and the practice of functional language for everyday purposes. This program focuses mainly on speech, comprehension, and retention of Hindi with errors at their minimum.

Learning materials for the program include a workbook, handouts, books, CDs, and authentic sources from the internet and other media. The program also includes outdoor cultural activities such as a homestay with locals, real-life conversations, story writing, vocabulary workshops, song lessons, field trips to local markets, etc.

India's national capital has some really good Hindi speaking courses. Check them out here.

Best Spoken Hindi Classes in Hyderabad

The rise of industries has necessitated the forming of language training centers to teach both the locals and visitors spoken languages, including Hindi, for better communication. Not surprisingly, Hindi tuitions and Hindi training institutes can be found aplenty across the city of Hyderabad.

Sannihitha Technologies

Hindi speaking courses at Sannitha Technologies are designed to prepare you for real-world experiences. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, looking to further improve your Hindi language skills, opt for this Hindi training class in Hyderabad for the best guidance.

native hindi
Speak Hindi as you would your mother tongue with Hindi tuitions and language training classes | Source: Sannihitha Technologies

For more options in Hindi speaking courses in Hyderabad, read our comprehensive guide here.

A Guide to Finding the Best Hindi Class in Pune

Home to the famous Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (BORI), Pune has a history of outstanding research in languages. It is only natural that the Hindi language has found its way into the everyday life of the city. So, if you are looking for Hindi tuition near me, Pune offers some of the best in the business!

Check out our top five Hindi speaking courses in Pune.

Easy Tutors

The online tutor database on Easy Tutors has registered and verified profiles of tutors from across India. All you need to do, as someone in search of a Hindi course near me, is simply click to choose and fill the requisite form on the web portal in order to help them understand your particular tutoring needs.

steps in choosing a hindi tutor
Filter your search for a Hindi tutor as per your specific learning needs | Source: Easy Tutors

Find the best in the world of Hindi tutoring, interact with a prospective tutor, discuss your learning needs. Once you are satisfied with the verification process, start on your Hindi learning journey.

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