The English language has always been held in high regard in India. Ever since the British colonial rulers took over the administration of the country, Indians have been keen on learning the nuances of the language and mastering the art of speaking in English.

Indeed, spoken English skills are often considered a benchmark for assessing job qualifications in India.

Leading experts in industry matters and market research unanimously vote for Pune if you are looking for growth in your career. All the more reason why you need an exceptional English speaking course to put you on the road to success!

The Power of the Spoken Word

ESOL courses or English for Speakers of Other Languages are gradually becoming popular in India as aspirants queue up for applications in foreign universities as also the job market becomes even more competitive with English speaking candidates holding an edge over the less skilled ones.

Teaching Jobs

ESOL also helps in obtaining English teaching jobs in schools, colleges and also various 'coaching' institutes that hire English language trainers. An ESOL certification is a compulsory prerequisite for Indians who wish to apply for teaching jobs outside the country as well as in international schools.

English is a truly global language.

Higher Education

A number of meritorious students are losing out on opportunities in higher education and jobs due to their lack of English language skills, especially spoken English. Whether online English speaking courses or within a classroom setting, working and improving on your English communication goes a long way in bettering your career prospect.

ESOL certifications can also help you stand in good stead in the field of higher education, no matter which field of study you are in. Policymakers in India have realized this and thus learning English has been made mandatory in most schools across the country.

As Pune continues to grow as an educational hub, offering job opportunities to aspirants from all across the nation, the importance of English speaking classes in the city grows proportionately.

Keeping all these considerations in mind, let us now explore the world of English classes in Pune and discover the best ones!

Whether you are in Ahmedabad or in Hyderabad, you will never run short of options in English language courses with these useful tips.


Classboat is a "Reskilling and Career Exploration" platform created for students to explore and improve on niche skills that are needed for employability and personal development.

Classboat aims to "connect every passionate learner to the right educator."

Classboat platform
It is easy to find a great tutor using online platforms | Source: Classboat

For anyone looking for English communication classes in Pune, Classboat offers plenty of options in personal tutors, training institutes as well as online spoken English classes in Pune.

English for All Your Needs

Classboat connects students and tutors to fulfil English language requirements that go beyond just the professional or social ambit.

For example, anyone looking for English speaking classes in Pune because he/ she is travelling abroad can look up tutors on the platform.

Students applying at foreign universities need to possess exception English writing skills, to start with. They also need to good listeners of the English language, not to mention the mastery of English grammar, vocabulary and syntax. 

Classboat addresses all these English learning needs, and much more!

Seven Mentor

Seven Mentor has grown to become a leading platform that offers varied English speaking courses in Pune. They focus not only on English communication but also on the all-round development of students' personality, be it a school or college student, a job seeker or a working professional looking for career improvement.

Training in Soft Skills

Companies and individuals are gradually opening up to the importance of soft skills training to accomplish various tasks across all aspects of life.

These skills include good interpersonal skills at the workplace, effective business communication and management skills, team building and leadership skills and so on.

Learning Strategies

The Seven Mentor curriculum is divided according to specific learning criteria of students and combines both soft and hard skills.

  • Interpersonal skills (Communication, listening, flexibility and adaptability, public speaking)
  • Life Skills (Self-awareness, empathy, creative thinking, coping with emotions)
  • Etiquette (General etiquette, office etiquette, telephonic etiquette)
  • Employability skills (Resume building, interview techniques, PI)
  • Career Skills (Professionalism, networking, time management, leadership)
  • Management Skills (Team management, critical thinking, stress management, anger management)

Self-analysis strategies including:

  • Topic review
  • Direct questions
  • Self-assessment questionnaire

Instructional resources and visual learning:

  • A&V Training
  • Handouts

Effective Writing Tools:

  • Mind Map
  • Brainstorming
  • KWL Chart
Seven Mentor Module
Select your batch as per your learning style and requirement | Source: Seven Mentor

Get a Free Demo!

The Seven Mentor platform provides demo classes absolutely free of cost! If you are happy, the user-friendly platform interface guides you on the next steps, including job-oriented courses and job placement benefits (once the course is completed).

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Touted as India's largest online network of learners and teachers, UrbanPro aims to be a one-stop solution for students across the learning spectrum and teachers, aspiring and experienced alike.

The platform boasts of a whopping 6.5 lakh verified tutors, trainers and institutes and a reliable partner to more than 25 lakh students, parents and professionals.

UrbanPro is a meeting point for students and teachers across 1000+ categories of learning, spoken English being one of the most sought after among them.

The platform allows students and parents the flexibility to compare multiple tutors, trainers and coaching institutes and choose the ones that are ideally suited to personal requirements of each.

Reasonably worked out rates enable students to learn English online and to improve their English speaking skills. So, whether you are preparing for TOEFL or IELTS, or simply want to have a great English conversation with someone, sign up and get your ideal English teacher today!

Useful reviews are there to guide you in your search for the best ESOL tutors | Source: UrbanPro

Locality-wise Search

UrbanPro has over 1400 English speaking classes, tutors and coaching institutes listed for the city of Pune. The platform offers the added advantage of filtering search criteria according to localities, the most popular ones being Hadapsar, Kothrud, Baner and Kondhwa.

UrbanPro Fee Calculator

Different tutors charge variables tuition fees for their services. The deciding criteria for fees are usually the type of service (online or offline), the board of education, number of days/week or number of hours a day, tutors' experience and qualification etc.

UrbanPro offers a unique form of assistance in this regard with the UrbanPro tuition fee calculator. What's more, you can browse the many reviews about your prospective tutors before making your final choice.

Can't find what you need in Kolkata? Here are the best options in ESOL classes.

Lotus IT Hub

Lotus believes in empowering its students to take on real-world challenges by helping improve communication skills.

The institute is based on the belief that English is a great source of building confidence that spurs you on to achieve greater success in life.

English Speaking Modules

Specially curated English courses at Lotus focus on all aspects of the language. These including speaking English, listening skills, reading English and writing in English.

  1. Module 1 - Grammar & Vocabulary
  2. Module 2 - Communication – Part 1
  3. Module 3 - Communication – Part 2
  4. Module 4 - Accent Neutralization
  5. Module 5 - Personality Enhancement
  6. Module 6 - Interview Skills
Learn from the most professional and experienced trainers | Source: Lotus IT Hub

Personality Development Classes in Pune

English communication skills go hand-in-hand with English mannerisms and etiquette. Lotus acknowledges this and thus offers a complete course on personality development.

The course is designed to boost confidence in learners, build on their knowledge base and inculcating positive energy in the learner. Some of the takeaways from the course include:

  • Learn table manners and dining etiquettes.
  • Learn to be well-dressed and organized.
  • Improving strengths and working on weaknesses.
  • Meditation and yoga for inner peace development.
  • Learn to be creative.
  • Create a great impression in your professional, social and personal lives.

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Making English Count

India thrives on its cultural diversity.

Languages are one of the most defining features of this diversity of our great nation. However, there is a necessity to adopt a common language for communication across these diverse groups. English has been recognized as that common language, especially in the cosmopolitan setup of Pune.

English can be a great leveller. Although not the mother tongue of the majority of Indians, it can cut across the social and economic disparities that mark Indian culture. Why not, then, get yourself enrolled in one of the many spoken English classes in Pune? Make your education count!

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