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BECOME A GREAT GUITARIST: Play Guitar like you've always wanted to in just a matter of few months. BECOME MUSICALLY SMART!!

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We host the best teachers with good quality profile and experience in their field. Bishal will be happy to arrange your first Guitar class.

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The main motive of my course will be to make you musically smart. You'll learn to play the way you've always wanted to in just a few months of intense practice. From the basics of guitar and music theory, I'll guide you to play anything you like from professional gigs to playing at your own house or besides a campfire. Just reserve a free class and start you journey towards a better musician.


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About Bishal

A grade 5 distinction holder in Western Vocals with 8 years of experience of playing the guitar. I have been involved with music ever since I've got to know about the fundamentals of music theory and how to apply the mind with the guitar.

Hop on with me and my other fellow students on your own musical journey, where you shall never feel like less of a musician ever again.



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Find out more about Bishal

  • 01

    Tell us more about your subject. How did you develop an interest in this field?

    Considering myself as a Singer, Songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist, I'd say that we can look into music as a whole rather than dividing it up into different parts, for example, singing and guitar or any other instrument. So, I basically started out with a lot of passion for singing during my school years and so to develop my skills I started seeking for the correct knowledge and path for my journey in music. I started with the guitar maybe at the last year of school when I was around 15 years of age as it's a really great accompaniment for singing. Also, I've been playing bits of Piano for a while also as an accompanist for my vocals. I am currently teaching myself the saxophone and it has been a year for me with it.

  • 02

    What or who is the motivation behind you choosing to teach & why?

    Thanks to all my teachers whom I have come across that I'd say as an inspiration for me deciding to teach music. Throughout my journey, I've discovered that each teacher would have a different way of approach to teach the guitar but for most one-on-one classes, many of the teachers (even my teachers) had some wrong concept about music or were too stubborn to get accustomed with the growing trends of music and music theory. So, basically, I wish to convey the correct method of teaching.

  • 03

    How does your work help society?

    What I mainly focus while teaching Guitar/Singing/Piano is the importance of music theory and the necessity of a musician to train his own ears which helps in better musicianship and thus uplifting the musical scene of the community; also making a better standard of musicians around the world.

  • 04

    If you had to think of a role model for your work, who do you think of & why?

    As a role model for teaching so far, for me it would be Brett Manning from Nashville, Tennessee. He is the one behind my voice and my completely different way of thinking of the voice as a natural instrument.

  • 05

    Tell us about your hobbies outside teaching.

    I do a bit of cooking every now and then and also I love reading and collecting books.

  • 06

    Do you have an anecdote to tell us about your student or professional life?

    There's not much of an anecdote in my life so far or maybe I don't remember, but mostly I like to keep myself content with all the stuff and enjoy the moment.

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