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NITTU - Prof linux - Angamaly


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Basics of Linux Server/System administration (DNS, APACHE, SSL, AWS, MYSQL, cPanel, Plesk, Mail Servers, FTP ...).

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I have no experience as a teacher in any institution. I am a professional in Linux Server Administration with an experience of 4+ years and currently working in reputed IT firm in Kochi, Kerala. I have conducted some seminars and workshops in my company and were very much effective and helpful for my juniors.

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My Classes will be based on Workshops/Practicals.

Will be using AWS Free accounts (Linux servers) as a platform for the workshop.

Main focus is to provide support for those who are interested in Linux Administration and want to start their career in Server Administration or Web hosting Areas.

Covers Linux basic commands, Server managements etc.

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  • ₹750

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