Kartik - Prof guitar - Noida

One of our best tutors. Quality profile, experience in their field, verified qualifications and a great response time. Kartik will be happy to arrange your first Guitar lesson.


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Kartik - Prof guitar - Noida
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1st class free!

  • Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Guitar jazz

Audio Engineer, Music Producer, and Guitarist. I am a Multi-instrumentalist and Teaches all types of guitar and Ukulele. Teaching fundamentals, basics, improvisation, and OC is my priority always.

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One of our best tutors. Quality profile, experience in their field, verified qualifications and a great response time. Kartik will be happy to arrange your first Guitar lesson.

About Kartik

- Professionally, I am an Audio Engineer, Music Producer, Session
Guitarist, and Guitar Instructor. I do own a Recording and production
Studio in Noida.

- I am a Multi-instrumentalist. I can play Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar,
Classical guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukelele, keys, and Drums efficiently.

- Personally, my influence of learning guitar is to learn jazz, blues, RnB,
Neo Soul stuffs. Most of the time I do invest my time in composing
melodies and improvising on the lead guitar.

- Experienced in live gigs as a Lead Guitarist.

- Experience in playing guitar for more than 7000+ hours.

- Experienced in teaching more than 500+ students.

- Experienced in teaching people from all around the globe from cities
like Kentucky, Australia, Dubai, Nepal, Sri Lanka, New York, New Jersey,
Las Vegas, Canada, Texas, North America, Muscat, Belgium, Germany,
and many more PAN India locations like Kerela, Mumbai, Delhi, UP,
Punjab, Gujrat, e.t.c

- I do provide the studio processed sound to students while teaching
online. Teaching genre - Soul, Rock, Jazz, Blues, e.t.c

Teaching -

- Acoustic Guitar
- Electric Guitar
- Classical Guitar
- Ukulele(All sizes)
- Audio Engineering
- Music production
- Mixing and Mastering

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  • All Levels
  • English

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I am a Lead Guitarist keen on Jazz Music. In Teaching, I do always focuses on basics and building the fundamentals in the first place.
I do teach both Rhythm and Lead Guitar and with lots of exercises which help anyone to play advanced pieces of stuff on the guitar.

Teaching Songs is not always my priority because one can easily learn themselves if their fundamentals were cleared. So, I always prefer to build command on them.

I am basically a Session Guitarist and Live Musician mostly involved in the studio recordings in songs for clients or for self-projects.

I do own a Recording Studio named '7th Chord Studios' in Noida, Sector 75.

Being my student, you'll always get the benefit of knowing the aspects of the recording of guitar too, how you can play and record guitars and vocals from your basic microphone.

In Electric Guitar, I'll teach how you can make customized rich tones in various genres like Jazz, Blues, Rock(lead and distortion), soul, e.t.c

I have lots of lessons recorded and uploaded on my youtube channel which will help you access content for a lifetime.

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  • ₹1,100

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Find out more about Kartik

  • Tell us more about your subject. How did you develop an interest in this field?

    For me, playing guitar is a way to express yourself in whatever way you want to expose yourself to the world, even it's a Happy Birthday melody but the concept behind is to play any piece of Music with your full expressions behind it, which will make you in love with the guitar and it adds uniqueness in your playing. I have grown myself as a Lead Guitarist and I keep learning and growing in Jazz and improvisation.

    I started playing guitar when I was doing Job in It industry as a Software Developer but, in a very amount of time, I had developed a keen interest in learning guitar/music. In the early days, I used to practice 20 to 25 hours a week with the job. As I kept exploring the music and different instruments and genres then finally in 2019 I quit my IT job and gone for a full-time diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Production from Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication(SACAC), New Delhi. This decision was a game-changing decision for me and after my diploma, I had set up my own studio and started working as an Audio Engineer, Music Producer, Session Guitarist, Live Guitarist Performer, Live Sound Engineer, and Guitar Instructor.
  • What or who is the motivation behind you choosing to teach & why?

    Initially in 2018, I was approached by one of my neighbors and he insisted me to teach him a guitar, at that time I was busy playing and practicing my own stuff. On request, I started teaching him and slowly people started to get connected with me because of this art. I found immense joy to connect with them and when I get genuine feedback from my students regarding my teaching methodologies a that's the moment for me and this feedbacks motivated me to keep teaching people with love and passion.

    This becomes my motivation because by teaching guitar I am bringing value to the life of others. I am bringing a change in the life of others through teaching Music.
  • How does your work help society?

    I think this is self-explanatory because teaching allows you to give your values, art, imagination, thoughts, information directly to the people. I believe nothing is bigger than thoughts because thoughts have the capability to innovate something, to change something for the better. So, I do not have any doubt that my work is not bringing any value to society.
  • If you had to think of a role model for your work, who do you think of & why?

    For me, the role model of my work are a couple of people like Ehsan Noorani, George Benson, Guthrie Govan, Wayne Krantz, Warren Mendonsa, Cory Wong, Plini e.t.c. Personally, I love the paying of all the mentioned artists above and I am able to connect with Softful Jazz, Neo Soul, Blues, R&B type of genre in a better way.
  • Tell us about your hobbies outside teaching.

    Other than teaching, I am running my own studio where I am recording, composing, producing, editing, mixing, and mastering projects. Also, I am a multi-instrumentalist and I used to practice Guitar, Bass, Drums, keys, and many more. I am working as a Live Sound Engineer too, where I do an onstage live mix of bands/artists. In my free time, I do read books, watch some spiritual content and play Table Tennis or Walk.
  • Do you have an anecdote to tell us about your student or professional life?

    Well, I do have an anecdote to tell about my professional life. Professionally, I was working as a Software Engineer in an IT firm and my interest in music leads me to switch my career from It industry to Music Industry. Interesting thing is that I do not have such musical background or knowledge before switching my career and I started learning Music as part of an experiment because I was bored in my life and started to take guitar classes to invest my time in some productive hobby. At that time I was unaware that my life would be turned in such a direction because of this experiment.

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