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Ar Prachi

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Ar Prachi - Prof maths - Bemetara


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B.arch graduate giving lecture to primary and middle class students.Expert in maths

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Have 2 years experience. Initially I have started with 2 students,now I teach 130 students. Out of 30 students of class 7th ,20 have achieved A1 grade. I m an architecture student and have 1 year experience as well in that as an intern.

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I m an architect.I give classes to primary and middle class students.I used to teach in such a way that they can increase their knowledge for better future as well as achieve good grandes.I use both old and new technology for teaching like use of boards and will as projector to make them understand in a better way.

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Hourly fee

  • ₹400

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If a student is weak and have to pay more attention to him or her to improve his or her level .

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