Arun - Prof ecology - Uttar Pradesh

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Arun - Prof ecology - Uttar Pradesh


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  • Ecology

All aspects of Environmental & Agricultural science, Allahabad UP, Environmental Science Postgraduate

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    • At Arun's house: Uttar Pradesh

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    • at your home : will travel up to 25 km

About Arun

I have taught during my PhD. I have Master degree in Environmental science, I have pursued my PhD for 3 years, now a days i have discontinued due to some personal reason. I try to make my subject and topic interesting for students to create interest in subject matter

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I used to teach during my PhD, I have discontinued now a days my PhD. Those days I used to teach Environmental Science, Ecology, Meteorology and Matters of Earth Science. I used to dictate the subject matters with diagram and flow chart and discuss step by step and at last provide the important notes to Masters and PhD students.

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  • ₹250

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  • 10h: ₹2,000


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This is for per Student, If bunch of students are there then rate may be reduced. When travelling cost exceed 50 then it may be increased.

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